Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mitochondria, Amyloid β, and Alzheimer's Disease

Mitochondria, Amyloid β, and Alzheimer's Disease
Nice free full text online paper that fits in with much of what I've been thinking about.

for those who are interested in learning how to ensure an ongoing supply of new healthy mitochondria this paper has some practical suggestions.
Mitochondrial Energetics and Therapeutics

Melatonin in Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Related Disorders

I should perhaps give a warning that these are quite heavy going papers so don't expect to understand every word initially.

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  1. The complexity of mitochondrial biochemistry just boggles my mind, not to mention that these processes are controlled by two different sources of DNA.

    BTW Ted did you see my comment (question) to your 11 October post?